Wheaton Cemetery Rules
Effective August 1, 2022

Cemetery Entrance

Cemetery Rules:

  • Speed limit is 5 MPH on cemetery grounds
  • No driving or parking on lawns

Decoration Rules:

  • Parking is not permitted on any lawn
  • No planting or digging of any kind
  • No glass of any kind (jars, vases, lanterns with glass windows, etc)
  • Candles are not permitted
  • No shepherd hook plant holders
  • No balloons, pinwheels or banners (other than military)
  • To keep the cemetery always looking its best, all decorations will be removed as necessary (dying plants, damaged or faded decorations, etc)

    Scheduled seasonal cleanup is as follows:
    • Fall and Winter on or about October 15th - removal of spring/summer decorations
    • Spring and Summeron or about March 7th - removal of fall/winter decorations

    Wheaton Cemetery is not responsible for damage to decorations or markers.

    Burial Rules:

  • An outer container (vault) is required for all non-cremated interments
  • Cremains burials must be in a non-biodegradable sealed container
  • 48 hour notice (not including Sundays) is required for all interments/inurnments
  • 48 hour cancellation notice (not including Sundays) is required
  • Burial permit, signed contract, and payment are due prior to interment/inurnment
  • A full size grave allows for one traditional burial and up to 3 additional cremains burials, or 4 cremains burials.
  • A cremation grave allows for up to 2 cremains burials
  • Baby graves are for one interment only
  • Marker Rules:

  • All markers must have an approved permit, and a foundation is required
  • All markers must have stone pitch on at least 3 sides where it touches the foundation
  • All markers must be fully moveable from foundation
  • Full graves are allowed one standard marker, on the marker row, and one flush (not on marker row)
  • Cremation graves can be flush markers only
  • Baby graves can be flush markers only
  • Gary Mausoleum section can be flush markers only
  • Standard markers must conform to cemetery size restrictions
    • Base width can be no wider than 30” on a single grave (max base size is 2-6 x 1-4)
    • Height on a single grave can be no more than 2 feet, including both base and marker
    • Markers placed over 2 or more graves cannot exceed 30” per grave (60” for 2 graves, 90” for 3, etc), and maximum height is 4 feet, including both marker and base

    Monuments or markers exceeding these dimensions must go to the board for potential approval.
    Wheaton Cemetery is not responsible for any damage done to markers/monuments.

    Thank you for your cooperation